Ensurge, Inc. Announces OTC “Current” Status and Commenced Mining at New Location

27 Jun Ensurge, Inc. Announces OTC “Current” Status and Commenced Mining at New Location

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., June 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Ensurge, Inc. (Trading Symbol: ESGI) announced today that it has completed updating its periodic reports with OTC Markets and is current on its filings. The Company’s next quarterly report, for the period ending June 30, will be filed on or before August 15, 2016.

As previously reported, historic changes in Guyana weather patterns the past nine months, most likely from El Nino, substantially affected available water in various mining regions. Though a recent increase in water flow on the Konawaruk allowed the Company’s subsidiary (NARIL) to recommence operating its two cutterhead river dredges, the Mazaruni mine sites lacked sufficient water to efficiently conduct gold mining operations.

In response to the regional drought, in the first quarter of 2016 the Company acquired sufficient capital from Ambassador Charles Gargano to lease additional property in the Kaburi river region and move all mining operations from the Mazaruni camps. This new lease allows the Company to prospect up to 10,000 acres of mining property, and conduct mining operations on subsequently selected areas of interest. The lease required an initial payment, with standard royalties thereafter. The property has significant water running at the current site of interest and is workable almost year-round. Because the property is strategically located on a main road only five hours from the mining gateway city of Bartica, the Company can transport labor and supplies to the camps by truck, which reduces transportation costs. Furthermore, when roads are affected by rain, this area retains the option of utilizing river transportation.

Funding from Mr. Gargano allowed the Company to move all operations from the Mazaruni to the Kaburi. The Company has conducted extensive site preparation, established its initial base camp, and commenced test mining operations.

CEO Clint Mishleau stated, “We are fortunate to have very sophisticated business people as key shareholders. Specifically, Ambassador Gargano was able to understand the unique water situation our Mazaruni camps developed and quickly enabled the Company to relocate to a region that has the water necessary for mining operations and a reduction in transportation costs.”

Chad Mishleau, Director and Chief Operations Officer, stated, “Our mine site in the Kaburi area is progressing and, despite the time and efforts required to prepare the site over the past six weeks, our preliminary operations produced 20 ounces of gold. Full-scale operations are expected to commence the week of July 1st. We are very pleased with those investors who have the mining experience to see what was needed and the conviction to help us make and fund strategic decisions.”

About Ensurge, Inc.

Ensurge, Inc. is a mining holding company that has conducted exploration and development of gold mining opportunities in Guyana, South America. Through its subsidiary, TransGlobal Gold Corp., the Company has been engaged in mine development in Guyana since 2012. NEW Website: www.ensurgeinc.com

About North American Resources Inc. Ltd.

North American Resources Inc. Ltd. (NARIL) is a Guyana mining company that was formed over twenty-two years ago and has been actively engaged in mining activities for two decades. Consequently, it is one of Guyana’s oldest junior mining companies. The Company completed acquisition of NARIL in November of 2015.

Source: Ensurge, Inc. Announces OTC “Current” Status and Commenced Mining at New Location

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