Ensurge, Inc. Names Leonardo Riera as Company’s Chief Executive OfficerPress Release | 12/19/2018

19 Dec Ensurge, Inc. Names Leonardo Riera as Company’s Chief Executive OfficerPress Release | 12/19/2018

Ensurge, Inc. Names Leonardo Riera as Company’s Chief Executive OfficerPress Release | 12/19/2018

Ensurge, Inc. (OTC Pink: ESGI) is pleased to announce the hiring of Leonardo Riera as the Company’s new Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Riera brings extensive experience in investment banking, international affairs, executive management, and mining. After starting his business career as a consultant at McKinsey & Co., Mr. Riera left to become a manager at Citigroup, heading a mergers and acquisitions unit that focused on operations in Venezuela. He then transitioned to the Bankers Trust Company as the Executive Director and Country Head of the Venezuelan operations for twelve years. There, Mr. Riera coordinated dozens of transactions involving credit, Eurobonds, securitizations, private equity, bonds, trading, Mergers & Acquisitions, and advisory work for Private Bank clients, Venezuelan Corporations and Multinational companies in the oil, mining, construction, electric, food, banking, telecom, and retail sectors. Following his tenure at Bankers Trust, Mr. Riera pursued a career in business consulting as well as various entrepreneurial endeavors, including gold mining operations in Brazil and in Peru, and in renewable energy. Mr. Riera was elected President of the Association of Foreign Banks of Venezuela for three consecutive terms. He was knighted by the Sovereign Order of the Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem and Malta (Knights of Malta – Vatican, June 2011.) Mr. Riera holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Catholic University Andres Bello, where he graduated first in his class. He also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on Finance and International Management from the Wharton School of Business at The University of Pennsylvania.

“We warmly welcome the addition of Leonardo Riera to our team,” stated Ambassador Charles Gargano, member of Ensurge’s Board of Directors. “Together, under Mr. Riera’s leadership, we expect to create significant shareholder value. We already have a local team in Guyana, and basic production assets on site. After a modest additional investment, we expect to start production, fund additional geology, and organize the potentially massive tantalum opportunity that we have ahead of us.”

“Ensurge has extraordinary properties in mineral-rich Guyana, with production licenses in place. Our priority is to start gold production in the first half of 2019, using environmental-friendly methods and mandatory reforestation of any affected areas. The long-term plan of the company is to develop its unique Tantalum properties located in a stable and mining-friendly nation,” stated Ensurge’s newly appointed CEO, Leonardo Riera.

About Ensurge, Inc.

Ensurge Inc. is a high-growth mining production company with expanding operations in Guyana, South America. The Company’s management team is comprised of multi-generational mining professionals with decades of experience. Current operations and properties are focused on gold, diamond, and Rare Earth minerals. For additional information on Ensurge, please visit the Company’s website at www.ensurgeinc.com.

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