Operations & Projects


The Company currently produces gold in Guyana through river and land dredging operations. Our labor force comes from both local communities and from Brazil.

Our mining operations collect gold from dredging and then a wash plant, and then smelted into unrefined gold bars. These dore bars are then sold to the Guyana Gold Board.

Diamonds will be collected in diamond collecting machines called jigs and then sold to authorized and licensed dealers in Guyana. The Company will adhere to all laws and regulations concerning mine operations and the marketing of precious metals and diamonds.

After an area is mined the Company will maintain a full staff of workers who will use methods of environmental reclamation to restore the ecosystem to its previous state using seeds provided by Guyana to re­-cultivate the local indigenous plant life.

Mazaruni Projects

From 2013 through 2015, the Company conducted exploratory mining operations in Guyana through its subsidiary TransGlobal Gold Corporation. Initial mining operations began in the third quarter of 2013 on its Guyana Mining Claim in the Higgins Landing area on the Mazaruni River which covers approximately 2,542 acres. The Mazaruni claim can accommodate up to 8 dredges in total. The Company recently moved its operations at Higgins to a min site at the Kaburi river. The Company still maintains control of this property, which can produce both gold and diamonds.

Kaburi Projects

The Company recently moved equipment from its Higgins Landing cite to a new site on the Kaburi river. The mine consists of thousands of acres of mining rights with the rights to prospect another several thousand acres. The area is an historical gold producer and is adjacent to the largest ongoing mining project in Guyana. The area has a shallow water table that provides year round water supply. Our new mine site has direct road access and we can service the new mine direct from Georgetown via road. Total travel time from Georgetown is an 8 hour drive. This translates to 30% lower fuel costs and trucking cost reduced by 50%.

The area is a white sand area with limited mud and the gold bearing areas consist of river channels on a whitish to blue clay material where these bench deposit’s end is against a laterite material. Gold in this area averages 94% pure and is generally fine to slightly course in nature averaging minus 20 mesh.

Future Projects

The Company continues to evaluate additional properties for river and land dredging operations in Guyana.

Though the Company enjoys many benefits of focusing mining operations in Guyana, the Company is also reviewing properties in the U.S. and Canada and its Arizona holdings.